Important Message

For Buyers

Thank you for visiting our website. We at Spire strive to bring to you the best in class in quality for each product line. Each of Spire’s products are marked with its strong logo cast. A unique serial number is attached to each product imprinted on it, which you may verify by calling at our office and confirming its authenticity. Kindly do not be mis-lead by people attempting to showcase our designs, photographs and products as their own. Please feel free to contact us to re-verify, in case any individual or firm asserts their attachment with us. We shall be glad to help you.

For Competitors

This is only a sincere request to all our competitors to kindly avoid any attempt of using our Photographs, Designs or Information from our website. If observed, it shall incur severe legal action. Kindly note, copying of patented and copyrighted designs would make you bear an extremely heavy amount as fine. Please come up with your original ideas and show to the world. The market is very big for each of us to sell our products. Promote healthy competition and a healthy business. Thank you!!!